About K2 Medical Systems™

K2 Medical Systems is a privately held company that was incorporated in Connecticut in 2008. Its primary focus is on perinatal risk management through education and decision support systems. Hospitals of all sizes throughout the US have chosen our products.

K2 Medical Systems began life as the Perinatal Research Group based in Plymouth Hospital, UK in 1989. Our vision has been to bring doctors, nurses, midwives and technologists together to develop innovative solutions to improve maternity care for clinicians, mothers and their babies.

The research consistently maintained a pragmatic focus and was always intended to one day find its way into clinical practice where it would do some good.

K2 Medical Systems was founded in Plymouth in 2000 and has been very successful in its mission. Some 90% of all UK and Australian hospitals have at least one of our products and we have enjoyed great success in other countries.

This has been an incredibly challenging journey and there remains much to do but the Perinatal Research Group was formed because we were passionate about improving maternity care and this remains our motivation today as K2 Medical Systems.

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